About the THEmiuBOOK

TheMIUbook – fun, creative and educational book-toy

It consists of 3 green and 3 white foldable magnetized sheets. With chalk and dry-wipe marker you can draw, write and erase, and besides that there are lots of interesting magnets with different themes, which will motivate the child to play and explore: animals, fruits and vegetables, fairytales, alphabet, numbers, transport, universe, colors and shapes…

TheMIUbook will encourage children to free game/play without unnecessarily strict structures, positively affect their imagination and creativity. At the same time it works just as well as a workbook replacing all kinds of different worksheets and lots of paper.

This unusual and versatile book was designed and made for your child, it will catch your child’s attention immediately and will finally enable you to have your 5 minutes for yourself. Older children will be interested too, and TheMIUbook will lead them to children’s magic world. For a long time it will be a dear and inseparable toy of every child.

Small and folded, it fits into every bag, suitcase or child’s favorite backpack. Always with you, ideal for a short picnic or a longer trip, because it encourages imagination and offers lots of fun.

TheMIUbook encourages the development of:

  • vocabulary
  • fine motor skills
  • graphomotor skills
  • perception
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • concentration
  • skills and knowledge
  • memory
  • logical reasoning

…and so much more

Never boring, always different…

Put together your combination with your child… The recipe is simple: Basic package with book, chalks, dry-wipe marker and instructions + magnet themes which you choose yourself, + a little bit of imagination and creativity = an inexhaustible source of fun, play and learning.

TheMIUbook will encourage children to play, dream, explore and learn about the world that surrounds them. So, if you want to give your child something more, try the TheMIUbook.