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My name is Ana and I am a proud mother of four beautiful children. They are the inspiration, and my husband is the support, for my ideas. One of them is TheMIUbook.

And how the story started….

Two years ago, we were getting ready for a short trip and we struggled with packing a whole bunch of various toys. We then though how good it would be if we could replace all those toys with just one single toy. That’s how the idea of the TheMIUbook was born.

As in every good recipe, I started with the experience and knowledge which I gained as parent, added a pinch of creativity, a little bit of magic, and lots of love… And the result is:

TheMIUbook – educational-creative book.

I worked out the idea, put all the details on paper, contacted the printing offices, the graphic designer, and everything slowly started to move. First version of TheMIUbook was finished in April 2019. That was the first time I saw the tangible product, the book that was, up to then, just an idea. I was truly delighted, and the positive comments which followed, first from my family and friends, and later from our first customers, quickly confirmed that I was clearly on the right track with this.

TheMIUbook is a complete product now: book, magnets, chalks and dry-wipe marker, all in one box. The design is colorful and cheerful. Each customer designs their own package, chooses the color of the covers, one or more themes of the magnets and thus adapts it to the child’s interests. Currently 11 different magnet themes are available, and the list will continue to expand.

When the book was first made, my oldest child was 10 years old, and my youngest was only a toddler. The children, despite their age difference, immediately started to play with the book, each one in its own way. The youngest was happy while drawing and playing with magnets showing cars and other vehicles. The older ones adapted the game to their age and interests. When we wanted to encourage children to learn something new, my husband and I would join in.

Through different games and stories with us, my youngest child was learning colors, shapes and different new terms. With older children we would pick out a few magnets and make sentences with them on the bases of the words we would draw out of a hat, we would then translate them to English, etc. Or we would just play Tic-Tac-Toe, Guessing, Battleship, or draw with our chalks the board for Ludo.

TheMIUbook delights children and adults alike. Playing with TheMIUbook gives young creatives, explorers and dreamers a chance to explore themselves and the world around them,  while the grown-ups are happy because their children are upgrading skills and knowledge.

Put together TheMIUbook package and make your child happy, because playing and learning was never more fun.

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