Games and tasks

Games for preschool children were made based on professional literature and suggestions of various educators.

Don’t forget: Every child is unique and develops in its own way!

  • For children age 3 to 4 years

  1. PREPARATION: Open all 3 green or white pages of TheMIUbook. On one page draw a forest, on the other draw a sea, and on the third page, place the magnets with pictures of animals.
    TASK: Ask your child questions: „Where does the squirrel, fish, bear, octopus… live?“ Your child will answer and put the magnet with the animal in the place where it lives (forest, sea…).
  2. PREPARATION: Offer your child a few magnets (a plane, a fish, a frog, an apple.)
    TASK: Ask: “Who flies?; Who jumps?; What grows on the tree?; Who swims?” Your child will be searching for the answer among the offered magnets.
  3. PREPARATION: From the set of magnets “Colours and shapes” pick one shape (for instance – circle)
    TASK: Ask your child: What is round? (Ball, melon, plate, watch, tire…)
  4. PREPARATION: Pick a few of the magnets (star, crown, magic wand, apple, cloud…) and draw the same terms on the pages of TheMIUbook.
    TASK: Your child must pair magnets with drawings.
  • For children age 4 to 5 years

  1. PREPARATION: Among the magnets theme “weather conditions” pick one season (winter).
    TASK: Your child should pick the magnets that are usual for this season (clouds, snow..) You can spice up this theme by adding a story with animals and ask your child: “Who sleeps during the winter? Where do the swallows fly in the winter? Why do they migrate?
  2. PREPARATION: Select a few magnets from the same theme and add one that doesn’t belong there.
    TASK: Your child must find and throw out “the intruder” – the magnet that doesn’t belong there.

* You can offer a more difficult task to older children, for instance the same category may consist of terms staring with the same letter (Camel, Cat, Cheetah)and the “intruder” would start with a different first letter (Bear).

  1. PREPARATION: Open TheMIUbook on the middle page and shuffle the magnets from the “Fruits and vegetables” theme.
    TASK: Let the child divide the magnets so that all fruits are placed on one page, and the vegetables on the other.

* Same task can be repeated with animals (wild/domestic, sea animals/forest animals) or with transport vehicles (flies/drives/ sails).

  1. PREPARATION: Draw a city with streets. Prepare magnets from the “transport vehicles” theme.
    TASK: The child will put different vehicles in the right place (car on the street, train on the tracks, plane in the sky, ship in the sea…)

* Same task can be repeated with magnets from “Fruits and vegetables” theme (instead of the city you would draw a garden with bushes and trees).

  • For children age 5 to 6 years

  1. PREPARATION: TheMIUbook, chalk or dry-wipe marker, magnet theme “Fairytales” and other themes.
    TASK: Draw-stories – We imagine and talk with the child in so that some parts of the story are written down, and specific words are replaced with magnets. After that , we read the story together with the child, but the child only reads the terms from the magnets.
  2. PREPARATION: Pick out any magnet.
    TASK: Ask your child to name as many parts of the chosen magnet as possible (for instance – in case of the magnet with a car, the child would say: tires, doors, windows, horn..).
  3. PREPARATION: Draw with white chalk your child’s favorite object (sun, flower, house..).
    TASK: Ask the child to color it.
  4. PREPARATION: Mix the magnets with numbers on one page of TheMIUbook.
    TASK: Ask the child to put the numbers in the right order.
  5. PREPARATION: From the magnet theme “numbers” select the magnets with dots. Put two magnets in one row and leave one empty space between them.
    TASK: Ask the child to count the dots and determine which magnet has more dots.

* If your child is familiar with the numbers, you can add a combination of magnets with dots and magnets with numbers to the task.

  • For children age 6 to 7 years

  1. PREPARATION: Think up some word and mix the letters that make that word on one of the pages.
    TASK: Ask your child to discover the hidden word or words and put the letters in the right order.
  2. PREPARATION: Open three book pages. On the middle page mix magnets from different themes. Pick one page for short words and the other one for longer words.
    TASK: Ask your child to name the terms from the pictures and depending on the number of letters that such term has, the child should put the magnets either on one or the other page (short words: cat, car, bear, longer words: octopus, castle, magic wand, submarine..)
  3. PREPARATION: On one page draw a column where you will place a few magnets, and in the other column write down the terms of those magnets, but in a different order.
    TASK: Ask your child to read the term from the magnet and match it with the written word from the other column.
  4. PREPARATION: Draw a column on one page and put magnets with letters there (or write them). On the other page mix magnets from different themes.
    TASK: Ask your child to match every letter with the magnets whose terms start with that letter.
  5. PREPARATION: Pick out a few magnets and below them write the terms which they are showing, however leave out one letter and replace it with a dash.
    TASK: Ask your child to write down the missing letter.
  6. PREPARATION: Prepare chalks or dry-wipe marker and magnets from the theme “Numbers”. Set up tasks with mathematical operations (adding and subtracting).
    TASK: Practice adding and subtracting with your child.