Introducing TheMIUbook

  • an educational and creative book
  • for children aged 2-10 years
  • 3 green and 3 white foldable magnetized pages for drawing and writing with chalk and markers, easily erasable
  • over 11 different magnetic themes (fairy tales, animals, colors and shapes, weather, transportation…)
  • 2-in-1 toy and workbook

TheMIUbook is an educational and creative book designed for children aged 2-10 years*.
It has a hardcover with 3 green and 3 white foldable magnetized pages.
On them, you can draw, write, and erase, and there are plenty of magnets with interesting themes that will engage children in play and exploration: fairy tales, animals, fruits and vegetables, alphabet, numbers, transportation, space, colors, and shapes…

*IMPORTANT! Children under 3 years old should use it only under adult supervision due to the risk of swallowing small parts.

How TheMIUbook was created

In the creation of TheMIUbook, we followed the guidelines of experts: psychologists, speech therapists, and educators.

With interesting tasks created according to their instructions, we encourage children to engage in free, unstructured play, through which they acquire new knowledge and skills.

Forget about worksheets, workbooks, and piles of paper – everything your child needs fits into one colorful box that you can always carry with you.

We are proud that the Ministry of Science and Education has recognized TheMIUbook as an educational resource.


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